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Community education project gets underway

Thursday, 17 December, 2015 - 14:44

Franya Repolusk at the community information session at Nepean Shores

Along with local tenant advocates we got out and about visiting parks and delivering education sessions in early November.

First stop: Western Sydney

We kicked off our community education project in Western Sydney. Julie Lee, Residential Parks Officer at the Tenants’ Union, and Franya Repolusk from the Western Sydney Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service started the week by visiting residential parks across Western Sydney.

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Merry Christmas

Thursday, 17 December, 2015 - 14:16

Paul, Jemima and Julie from the parks team at the Tenant’s Union of NSW wish you - our Outasite Lite readers - a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

We enjoyed sharing residential parks news with you in 2015 and hearing back from you about the stories and updates we send through. Thank you for the positive feedback you kindly send us.

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New laws for park residents

Friday, 11 December, 2015 - 13:27

Paul Smyth, Tenants Union Residential Parks Legal Officer discusses the law with Len Hogg from the Tweed Residential Parks Homeowners Association

On 1 November 2015 the laws governing the relationship between park owners and park residents changed. In fact, parks are not even called parks any more - the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 renames them “residential communities”. So, what does this mean for residents of these communities?

The first big change, as we have already highlighted, is the terminology. Park owners are now operators; people who own their dwellings are home owners; rent is now site fees; and electricity and water are generically known as utilities.

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